SPACIROC Front-end Chip



The SPACIROC ASIC is designed for the JEM-EUSO observatory onboard of the
International Space Station (ISS). This 64 channels readout ASIC offers photon counting capability
and includes a charge to time (Q-to-T) converter. The main requirement for the photon counting is
to obtain a 100% trigger efficiency starting from 1/3 photoelectron (p.e.) with a 10 ns double pulse
resolution. As for the Q-to-T converter, the chip needs to deliver a linear measurement for the input
charges ranging from 10 p.e. to 1500 p.e. Moreover, the ASIC was designed to achieve low power
consumption (1mW/channel) and radiation tolerance, in compliance with the operating constraints
imposed by the ISS. 


SPACIROC at a glance


ASIC name : SPACIROC (Spatial Photomultiplier Array Counting and Integrating Chip)
Current available version : 1
Number of channel : 64
Polarity of input signal : negative(MAPMT anodes),positive(MAPMT dynode)
Detector read out :  MAPMT
noise : tbd
Gain : tbd
Max input signal : tbd


SPACIRoc features


PIN name PIN type and direction PIN description
IN<63:0> Analogue input bus
Charge sensitive analogue input to be connected to the detector
Dynode MAPMT Dynode Input

Dynode charge sensitive input

Or_outputs Photon triggered pulses

Outputs for each discriminator

Digital output signal Digital outputs serial links



sPACIRoc capabilities


SPACIRoc characteristics


SPACIRoc in experiments

  1. JEM-EUSO : Extreme Energy Cosmic Rays observer onboard of the International Space Station
  2. UFFO - UBAT Pathfinder: Gamma-ray bursts observer. LOMONOV satellite.


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