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Microelectronics design center

Omega micro is a microelectronics design center on the Drahi-X Novation Center located in École Polytechnique campus.

We are located in Palaiseau and design dedicated front-end electronics for particle physics, medical imaging, nuclear physics, astroparticle and cosmology.

OMEGA Microelectronics Center
Ecole Polytechnique
Drahi-X Novation Center
Avenue Coriolis

Microelectronics for particle physics

Omega has been designing microelectronics front-end for particle physics for over 20 years.

Since the late 80's we have been involved in many experiments all over the world and we are working for the biggest particle accelerator.

Our front-ends equip detectors in CERN, in Fermilab and many other well-known accelerator.

Microelectronics for medical imaging

Omega micro is involved in several medical imaging projects, like PET scan or mammography imaging.

We design sharp and effective front-end ASICs that can improve the performance of an existing apparatus.

Packaged or naked, on the shelf or dedicated

Omega Micro can provide both packaged or naked dies.

We have on the shelf ASIC that can be used in no time for your tight schedule project. All our front-end are programmable to fit your needs. Good performance in no time.

Your specific request can be handled by our team. We design project-specific front-end. Fast if necessary. Our personnal record is 18 month from requirements to end of production tests.

Industrial process

Omega micro designs ASICs using industrial processes and technologies.We can handle large productions and we are fully compliant with the microelectronics industry standards.

We use reliable mainstream technologies that are used in RF field and telecommunication. These technologies are well known for there excellent performance and there proven perennity.


Extreme integration

That board the size of a thumbnail can read-out 36 SiPM, adjust channel by channel the SiPM high voltage, trim the read-out chain gain channel by channel.

The analog to digital conversion is embedded for charge and time measurement. A whole system on a super tiny board.

This front-end board designed by Aachen University for a balloon experiment uses the SPIROC chip.

Multi-anode PM read-out

Our front-end ASICs allow to build extremely compact read-out system. That 64 anode PM read-out and high-voltage distribution stands in the PM shadow and allow 4-way abutment.

Get ready to design an expandable, low-power, compact detector with no dead zone in a snap.

Testboard, firmware, and software in a box Want to give our front-end a try ? We have fully functionnal testboards that connect to your PC through USB. We provide the Labview software that will allow you to flip all the switches of the numerous parameters to trim our front-end to your needs and test it from floor to ceil, without any code line or soldering iron.

Omega : microelectronics for physics and medical imaging

Omega is a CNRS-IN2P3-Ecole Polytechnique microelectronics design center located in Palaiseau, in the southwest suburb of Paris. It is composed of a team of a dozen of microelectronics engineers designing sophisticated ASICs for  nuclear physics, particle physics and astrophysics detectors. These state-of-the-art detectors require cutting edge technologies and Omega is committed to reach the high-expectation requirements of fundamental research. Omega also provides specific designs adapted from fundamental research to industries using the same kind of detectors such as medical imaging.


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