OmegaPIX Front-end Chip



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OmegaPIX at a glance


ASIC name : OmegaPIX
Current available version : 1, 2  is currently in design
Number of channel : 2920
Polarity of input signal : positive
Detector read out : Micropixel array
noise : tbd
Gain : tbd
Max input signal : tbd


OmegaPIX features


PIN name PIN type and direction PIN description
IN<35:0> Analogue input bus (width=36) Charge sensitive analogue input to be connected to the detector
OUT<35:0> Digital output bus (width=36)

output bus providing either :

  • Channel trigger
  • Channel hit (latched trigger)
  • Wilkinson comparison output
The selection of the output is done with a two-bit mux bus
MUX_OUT Multiplexed analogue output
Provides the track and hold value of the 36 channels, sequentially
The selection of the SCA address is made through the SCA address bus
OR_36 Digital output signal Provides a logical OR of the 36 trigger, asynchronous signal



Spiroc capabilities


OmegaPIX characteristics

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OmegaPIX in experiments

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