EASIROC Front-end Chip



EASIROC, standing for Extended Analogue SI-pm ReadOut Chip is a 32 channels fully analogue front end ASIC dedicated to readout SiPM detectors. This low power and highly versatile ASIC was developped from the chip SPIROC which has been designed for the Analogue Hadronic Calorimeter foreseen at the International Linear Collider.

EASIROC integrates a 4.5V range 8-bit DAC per channel for individual SIPM gain adjustment. A multiplexed charge measurement from 160 fC up to 320 pC is available thanks to 2 analogue outputs. These charge paths are made of 2 variable gain preamplifiers followed by 2 tuneable shapers and a track and hold.

A trigger path integrates a fast shaper followed by a discriminator the threshold of which is set by an integrated 10-bit DAC. These 32 trigger outputs can be used for timing measurements.

The power consumption is lower than 5 mW/channel and unused features can be powered OFF to decrease the power consumption.

The chip has been designed in AMS 0.35m SiGe technology and 5000 dies have been produced in 2010. Its versatility allows its use in many photo detector experiments and is already used for PEBS, MuRAY, E40@JPARC and medical imaging.


EASIroc at a glance


ASIC name : EASIROC (Extended Analogue Silicon PM Integrated Read-Out Chip)
Current available version : 1
Number of channel : 32
Polarity of input signal : positive
Detector read out : SIPM, MPPC, compliant with PM, MA-PM
noise : tbd
Gain : tbd
Max input signal : 2000 photelectrons at min gain


EASiroc features


PIN name PIN type and direction PIN description
IN<31:0> Analogue input bus (width=32) Voltage sensitive analogue input to be connected to the detector


Multiplexed Analogue outputs High Gain & Low Gain Charge output (respectively)


Digital output 32 Triggers outputs (direct triggers or latched ones)
HIT_MUX Multiplexed digital output
Provides the trigger value of the 32 channels, sequentially
OR32 Digital output signal Provides a logical OR of the 32 triggers, asynchronous signal



EASiroc capabilities


EASiroc characteristics

Embed measurement and perf outlook here

EASiroc in experiments



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